Check Your Engine Oil Quality in 3 Seconds


About The EchoTechOilcheck Device

The EchoTechOilcheck device is the rebranded name of the well known Lubricheck engine oil test device.

The EchoTechOilcheck device has the most up to date version of software loaded, to produce even more accurate oil analysis of your engine oil.

The EchoTechOilcheck device is assembled and tested in the USA.

The EchoTechOilCheck device analyzes a physical property inherent in every tangible object in the universe. It is called the “dielectric” or “permittivity” property of a molecular structure. The EchoTechOilCheck also measures the high impedance (resistivity) of the oil sample for high carbon content, and metals.

The combination of these two physics principles allows for an accurate measurement of the quality of engine oil. The EchoTechOilCheck combines the measurement data for acidity, metal particulate level, carbon level and foreign liquids (except fuel) into one, easy to understand rating of your oil condition.

The simple: how to use instructions, teaches you how to test a few drops of engine oil, collected using your engine oil dipstick (NOT your gear oil dipstick), and placed on the EchoTechOilcheck devices’ testing sensor, with results given within 3 seconds.    

The EchoTechOilcheck has been used by organizations and individuals around the world. The device results have been cross checked with laboratory based reports by many of these organizations and individuals and they have confirmed that when used properly the device gives accurate results over and over again for a fraction of the cost of a Laboratory test. See our Testimonials page for more information.

Simply put, if you want to save money on annual oil service costs by up to 90%, YOU CAN!

See how it is being done by our customers and their reviews.

See how it is used by our customers on YouTube (search for Lubricheck or EchoTechOilcheck).

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