Check Your Engine Oil Quality in 3 Seconds


How to use the EchoTechOilcheck Oil Tester

How to use the EchoTechOilcheck device

Operational Instructions

Step – 1

  Select ‘GAS’ if testing a gasoline engine, or ‘DSL’ when testing a diesel engine

Step – 2

  BEFORE placing oil on sensor, place EchoTechOilcheck on level surface and slide switch to ON. Wait 5 seconds for calibration. (#1 & #10 LEDs will flash)

Step – 3

  Using dipstick, place several drops of oil into the sensor cup, to the top of the fill ring.

Step – 4

  Press the TEST button once. Do not hold down.

Step – 5

  Indicator LED color and number will indicate the quality of oil. Record results and mileage for your records*. *Record your results. A regular record may be very useful in detecting developing problems.

Step – 6   Slide switch to ‘OFF”, and thoroughly remove oil, preferably with a cotton terrycloth or cotton rag. Final clean with a microfiber towel, or SOFT toilet tissue. Caution: Any oil left on the sensor will influence the next test by showing a 7-8-9 LED ‘dirty sensor’ error signal, or simply an inaccurate reading. If in doubt, moisten soft tissue or microfiber with a few drops of gasoline or preferably naphthar on final cleaning to dissolve all leftover oil.